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Majestic Sun

The King's of Africa Safari tent

A One-of-a-Kind Glamping tent That Offers Endless Excitement for your eyes and gives you a royalty lifestyle.

Escape the everyday hustle and bustle by immersing in the stunning glamping experience on a secluded property in the heart of Tennessee. Enjoy solitude, romance, or family time inspired by nature. This high-end destination has everything you need to make memories that will last a lifetime while just 15 mins from Altamont, TN.

Majestic Sun


Source - Airbnb


This place is IMMACULATE!!!! Very peaceful and gorgeous, when I say gorgeous I mean inside and out especially the view. The host communicated as if we were family or best friends which I absolutely loved! I can not wait to visit again!


Source - Airbnb
Jessy and King’s Glamping absolutely blew us away with their communication, level of detail, cleanliness, and value. This place was absolutely perfect and exactly what we were looking for. Great view, great amenities, great hosts! Loved the e-bikes too!!!! We will return.


Source - Airbnb
This is a beautiful and luxurious retreat nestled in the Tennessee hills. We were some of the first guests at the Kings Glamping, and while there were a couple hiccups to the experience (the hot tub was unfortunately not working, and the weather kept us from enjoying the outdoor spaces much), we feel confident that this will be a very worthwhile escape in the years to come and we would absolutely put it at the top of our list next time we are in the area for shows or a certain music festival… the facilities here are top notch, and surprisingly cool and comfortable even through thunderstorms and deep summer heat. The view is wonderful. We recommend planning ahead and bringing groceries/food/drink with you when you arrive as the nearest convenience stores are 30 minutes away. And once you are here you will not want to be leaving to run errands, you will want to spend as much time as you can enjoying the place and what it has to offer.


4.9 Rating - 89

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